Parent Education and Support

Parent Promise takes a whole-family approach with our four evidence-based home visiting models. With all of our programs, a Parent Educator schedules regular one-on-one appointments with the family at the family’s convenience to help guide parents through fun, interactive play, games and exercises that promote healthy child development and safe and nurturing home environments. Families may also be connected with community resources, such as job training and child care.

Our Continuum of Care

Parent Promise offers a complete continuum of care for families with children ages prenatal to 12 years old. Each of our parent education programs offers a different area of focus, which ensures families are receiving support tailored to their unique stage of childhood.

Parent Education Programs

Children First, Oklahoma’s Nurse Family Partnership Program, is a home-based program focuses on low-income, first time parents who are 28 weeks pregnant or less. This program, commonly referred to as NFP, has nurse home visitors work with parents one-on-one and provide information, support, and medical advice to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Nurses work with families from prenatal until after the baby is born to provide the critical support needed during the transition into parenthood. To learn more about this program, please complete this form.

Healthy Families America (HFA) is a home-based program for families with children ages prenatal to five years old. The focus of this program is families with a child three months old or younger. A Family Support Specialist works with families multiple times a month to provide tools and resources that promote positive parent-child interaction, healthy attachment, and postpartum recovery.

Parents As Teachers (PAT) is a home-based program for families with children ages prenatal to five years old. This program focuses on families with young children who are preparing to enter school. The program provides free and voluntary services that teach positive parenting skills and connects families with resources that help strengthen the family structure. Upon enrollment, a trained professional Parent Educator works with the parent(s) or primary caregiver(s) to ensure they have the knowledge, tools and support necessary to provide a loving and nurturing home environment.

Exchange Parent Aide (EPA) is our fourth home-based parent education program and serves families with children ages 0 to 12 years old. This program focuses on families with children between 6 and 12 who are entering a new stage of adolescence. Parent Aides take into account the changes in family dynamics once children get older and work interactively with parents and children on a family treatment plan focused on child safety, problem solving skills, parenting skills and social support. It is the only program in Oklahoma County focusing on families with children older than 5.

Support Services

Parent Promise is an Oklahoma Family Resource Center through the Oklahoma State Department of Health and a Community HOPE Center through Oklahoma Human Services. Our organization serves as a community-based family resource center with the addition of the Science of HOPE. It aims to provide an environment where families with children and youth with special needs can easily access resources and services based on their individual needs as well as create and sustain support through goal setting. The mission of the Center is to support families to build strong, harmonious and equitable relationship with their community. Guided by its Parent Advisory Committee and diverse staff, the Center inclusively supports families with children and youth of all abilities.

Right Track is a free referral service embedded at INTEGRIS Baptist Hospital that strives to provide new parents the opportunity to enroll in parenting supports and education programs as soon as they are entering parenthood. A Parent Promise Family Support Specialist works within the INTEGRIS Women’s Center and visits with parents who have just given birth about the importance of child development education, Safe Sleep, and the Period of PURPLE Crying. If the families are interested, the Family Support Specialist connects them with a Parent Promise home visitor best suiting the families needs.

Please fill out the form below to learn more information about our life changing, parent education programs. You will be contacted by a Parent Promise staff member within the next 2-3 business day. For immediate assistance, please contact our office at (405) 232 – 2500. Bilingual services are available.

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