Novella: A Story of Resiliency and Hope

Novella: A Story of Resiliency and Hope

When a family is struggling, every little stress can build up to where many vulnerable parents just lose hope in being able to put themselves and their families on a course for success. It’s powerful to witness the transformation of a family when the caregivers start to gain the confidence they need to provide a positive, safe and nurturing home for their children.

Meet former Parent Promise client, Novella, and her family.

When Novella came to Parent Promise about three years ago, she had a new baby and was re-establishing her relationship with two other children who had been removed from the home by DHS. Novella had been a victim of abuse, and those circumstances led her to lose custody of the children. She had also overcome addiction problems. She had worked hard to regain custody of the children, and she reached out to Parent Promise for help with the new baby. With Parent Promise’s whole-family approach, Novella received the information and support she needed to improve the bonds with her entire family. Her parent educator was able to build a trusting rapport with Novella, and Novella was able to turn the corner and find hope in creating a better future for herself and her family.

As Novella’s confidence in parenting grew, she also started developing personal goals, such as health and nutrition and getting a job to help support the family. She completely transformed herself through nutrition, fitness and exercise, and she and her family recently relocated to another state, where she works as an independent contractor with a health and nutrition program.

Novella is just one of Parent Promise’s recent rewarding stories of confidence, personal accountability and hope.

For the last 30 years, Parent Promise has worked with more than 6,500 families to help them become more self-sufficient and confident in their parenting skills. In many cases, we see how good things happen when parents get that chance to have the information and resources they need to put their family on a course for success. These families are building the resiliency they need to bounce back from past adversities in their life.

Parent Promise is focused on helping families make positive changes today that can improve a child’s tomorrow. With your support, we are transforming lives and making a real difference in helping children have the #GreatChildhoods they deserve.