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First, thank you for your continued support of Parent Promise/Prevent Child Abuse Oklahoma. Because you believe, like we do, that every positive outcome we want in Oklahoma begins with raising healthy and resilient children, we know you are concerned about how vulnerable families and children may be faring during this COVID-19 crisis.

We wanted to update you on what we are doing at Parent Promise to serve our clients. Per Oklahoma State Department of Health protocol, we have temporarily suspended in-home visits. Also, due to Integris Baptist Medical Center protocols that require only essential medical professionals in the hospital, we have also suspended our visits to new families in the Women’s Center.

We are still working to support our families the best way we can. We are making calls to our clients daily and doing “virtual” home visits as we can. At Integris, we are still receiving referrals from the nursing staff and the social services staff. We have made items in our Family Support Center available to our clients on an as-needed basis, and we are still there for them if they have a crisis.

Additionally, we will postpone holding our Family Compass Co-Parenting Classes until further notice.

Due to the protocols on physical distancing for COVID-19, we made the decision to cancel our April 16 fund-raising luncheon, which was to feature Prevent Child Abuse America CEO Dr. Melissa Merrick. The fact remains that we will still need to raise the funds budgeted for this fundraiser in order to support our evidence-based home visiting programs that help vulnerable parents raise children in a healthy and safe environment. The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 virus could place extra burdens and stress on the families we support. Therefore, we are working on a Plan B to help us reach our budgeted goals, most likely a virtual fundraiser to take place during April, which is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Again, thank you for supporting Parent Promise and our families as we go through these uncertain times. If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.


About Parent Promise

Parent Promise offers voluntary programs that provide parents like you with educational resources and support to help gain confidence in your parenting skills. Parents receives one-on-one support, guidance and resources to develop a nurturing home and strengthen their family, whether it be in the form of parenting advice, child development exercises or emotional support.

We want to provide resources and guidance to help you grow as a parent and provide a loving and nurturing environment for your child. Because all of our programs are free and voluntary, parents can start or end services at any time.

Scheduled at the parents’ convenience, our programming is family-focused and tailored to your needs. Trained Family Parent Educators provide developmental tools and tips for you to use in age-appropriate play. We also provide books and other educational activities so parents can become their child’s first teacher and prepare them to enter school ready to learn.

To help further reduce parent stress, we connect families with additional community resources that provide for needed baby items, immunizations, food and other necessities and assistance with WIC and TANF services.

At Parent Promise we do not forget about our parents. We want to empower you to become independent and able to take charge of your own rewarding journey as a parent. We will assist you in returning to and graduating from school, earning a GED, acquiring a skill through career technology training programs and improving employment opportunities.

Call or contract us through the website today to see if you qualify for one of our programs.

We strengthen families through parent education and support.


In 1988, Parent Promise was founded by members of the Exchange Club of Oklahoma City service organization and opened its doors as The Exchange Club Center.

In 2001, the Center expanded its services to include public education about parenting and child development, community awareness and parent support services to make available parenting and family resources to all parents in our community.

Since its inception, Parent Promise has helped more than 6,500 Oklahoma families provide loving and nurturing homes for their children so they may have happy childhoods and grow into independent adults who contribute to their communities.

Today, Parent Promise is supported by three local Exchange Clubs, the Exchange Club of Oklahoma City, the Downtown Exchange Club of Oklahoma City and the Edmond Exchange Club, as well as the Oklahoma State Department of Health and numerous foundations and individual community members. The organization is accredited by the National Exchange Club and is accredited by and recognized as the Oklahoma Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America.

We believe every child has a fundamental right to grow, play and learn in a safe and nurturing environment so they have every opportunity in life to succeed. It is because of this belief that we are committed to supporting the public awareness campaigns and activities of Prevent Child Abuse America.