At Parent Promise, we offer a variety of programs to help parents provide a loving and healthy home for their children, as well as partner with local community partners to provide a safe and nurturing community where our children can grow and have great childhoods. All of our programs are positive, voluntary and family-focused. They help to increase parental mastery and decrease parental stress and anxiety. We know the challenges and joys of being a parent and we know we all have a role in supporting our children.

Start Right: The Start Right Program is based on the Parents as Teachers home-based family support model. The program provides free and voluntary services that teach positive parenting skills and connects families with resources that help strengthen the family structure. Upon enrollment, a trained professional Parent Educator works with the parent(s) or primary caregiver(s) to ensure they have the knowledge, tools and support necessary to ensure they can provide a loving and nurturing home environment where their child can grow, learn and play.

The program focuses on teaching parenting skills and proper mental, physical, emotional and developmental child growth. Families also may be connected with additional community resources such as job training and child care. The Start Right program is evidence-based and family focused.

To qualify, mothers must be at least 29 weeks pregnant or have a child under the age of 5.

Parents as Teachers: At Parent Promise we use both the Parents as Teachers home-based family support program model and the unique, evidence-based parent education curriculum and tools to support parents in their role of preparing their child to enter school on grade level, ready to learn.

A Parent Educator schedules weekly one-on-one appointments with the family at the family’s convenience to help guide parents through fun, interactive play, games and exercises that promote healthy child development and safe and nurturing home environments. Families may also be connected with additional community resources such as job training and child care. Parents as Teachers is a relationship-based, family focused program.

To qualify, mothers must be at least 29 weeks pregnant or have a child 12 months of age or younger.

Never Shake a Baby: Babies cry and sometimes they cry a lot. The Never Shake a Baby program uses infant simulators to help parents and caregivers of all types understand how fragile a baby’s brain is and the repercussions of shaking a baby in an attempt to stop them from crying. The program also offers suggestions for soothing a crying baby and education on Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). Parent Promise staff uses the infant simulators during family support sessions and also can be scheduled for public presentations.

Parenting Resource Library: If you have questions about parenting we have answers. Our Parent Resource Library offers informational brochures, books and videos to all parents at no cost. Parents and the general public may call and make an appointment to browse the library or visit our online library. For an appointment to visit the resource library, please call (405) 232-2500.

Infant/Child Resource Closet: Our resource closet is available and open to our family clients experiencing financial stress and is stocked with baby essentials including donated clothing, toys, home safety items and more. The Infant/Child Resource Closet is operated by appointment only by calling Parent Promise at (405) 232-2500.

Fill out the form on the right to see if you qualify. You will be contacted by a Parent Promise staff member within the next business day. Bilingual services available.