Round Up for Parent Promise in 2021

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Do you want to make a significant donation to Parent Promise, but it’s difficult to just write a check for $500, $200 or $100? Well, you can now easily donate over a period of time and not feel the financial pressure of making a big donation by participating in Parent Promise’s Round Up Program.

Round Up is a convenient way for donors to make a big impact with their donations — but not really notice a daily financial impact. All you have to do is go to and select the Round Up option, and you can safely connect a debit or credit. Each purchase from that debit or credit card will automatically “round up” to the nearest dollar, and that change will be donated to Parent Promise.

“Doing the Round Up is so incredibly easy,” said Cindy Allen, external relations director. “Donors have complete control about how much they want rounded up each month. And, donors get complete monthly reports about where their change was rounded up.”

“Your roundup may be 2 cents or 75 cents, depending on what your total purchase is. “It doesn’t present a financial burden, and you have the satisfaction of knowing that your change is going to a great cause for children,” Allen said.

The minimum Round Up amount a donor can select is $10 a month. If a donor chooses to Round Up $10 in change a month, that comes out to $120 a year. A $25 Round Up amounts to $300 and a $40 Round Up amounts to $480.

“These Round Up donations may qualify as a charitable deduction, and you can download a complete account of your Round Ups for tax purposes,” Allen said. “This is also a great way for young professionals to get started on their journey toward giving to charity.”