McLaughlin Family Foundation provides grant to Parent Promise

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Parent Promise is pleased to announce that the McLaughlin Family Foundation has provided a major grant that will help the program continue delivering home visitation services to families in Oklahoma County.

“We are extremely grateful to the McLaughlin Family Foundation for their gift and their faith in the in-home education and support Parent Promise offers to parents,” said Sherry Fair, executive director. “This gift comes at a crucial time when state funding for child abuse prevention has been eliminated. Now, we are in a much better position to continue our work and to continue to find additional support for these important programs.”

Fair said Parent Promise is looking forward to starting two new programs in the new year. In addition to the programs provided for families with children 0-5, Parent Promise now offers in-home parent education and support to families with children through age 12. Also, Parent Promise will begin holding co-parenting classes for families with minor children undergoing a divorce. The classes are mandated by the state. Parent Promise will offer the co-parenting classes in Spanish as well as English.

“Providing great childhoods is the focus of Parent Promise, and even though the elimination of state funding has provided many challenges, we are overwhelmed by the support of foundations and private supporters who know in-home parent education and support is important in preventing child neglect and abuse,” Fair said. “The demand for in-home family support is greater than ever; however, the good news is that these home visitation programs have proven to be effective in deferring families away from more expensive state services.”