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Being a parent is the biggest challenge anyone ever faces. Thankfully, most parents have had role models or experiences in life that helped give them a set of internal guidelines on raising a child. They have also been a part of communities that reinforce the importance of good parenting and expectations.

However, not everyone has had the privilege of having the experiences, resources or the community to call upon. Even though these parents want to do the very best they can for their children, they may need some extra help. They may have been thrust into the sudden responsibility of caring for another living being without the background to handle the endless needs and demands of raising a child. Some of these parents may barely be out of childhood themselves; some may not have the education or skills to get a job to financially take care of their family.

Parent Promise is a voluntary, evidence-based, in-home visiting program that is available to parents who want to learn how they can best provide a safe, loving and nurturing home for their children. Our experienced and caring professionals make regular visits to families to work with them one-on-one about child development, behavior management and family goal setting.

Rigorous long-term studies have shown that children whose parents have participated in voluntary home visiting enter kindergarten ready to learn and with fewer behavioral problems. Their cognitive development scores are more likely to be on track, and they have better school outcomes. Also, their parents have lower incidences of depression and stress, which contributes to fewer cases of neglect or abuse.

Programs like Parent Promise have demonstrable impact on birth outcomes, children’s health and economic self-sufficiency for the families. Parent Promise has helped parents get their GED, finish technology school or college and improve their employment situations. We have helped parents achieve more economic stability and less reliance on government services.

Parent Promise works with 150-170 families each year. Our organization depends on individual contributions, foundations and grants to provide these services that strengthen families and deliver positive reinforcement to empower parents to provide happier, healthier childhoods for their children. Our caseload continues to grow, and we need your help to expand our services to more families.

Parent Promise is the Oklahoma Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America with a mission of preventing child neglect and abuse through parent education and support. With your support, Parent Promise can help more families keep the promise of providing a safe, loving and happy childhood for their kids.

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Pinwheels for Prevention: 2021

In an effort to celebrate children and their right to grow, learn and play in safe, loving and nurturing environments, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. As the Oklahoma Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America, Parent Promise works with businesses, associations and organizations each April to raise awareness by honoring Oklahoma’s children with pinwheel gardens throughout the month.

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Round Up for Parent Promise in 2021

Do you want to make a significant donation to Parent Promise, but it’s difficult to just write a check for $500, $200 or $100? Well, you can now easily donate over a period of time and not feel the financial pressure of making a big donation by participating in Parent Promise’s Round Up Program.