A Parent’s Promise

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A parent’s most basic promise should be to provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment where their children can grow, learn and play. At Parent Promise, we help parents achieve that goal.

We work with parents to empower them to put their children on a course for success in life by delivering the tools, education and support they need to raise their children in an environment that allows for the proper developmental, emotional and physical growth every child is entitled to.

How do we do this? We provide in-home parenting support services that give families one-on-one support to help them understand the developmental stages and milestones their children will meet and to provide them resources and materials they need to develop strong bonds with their children. We also provide regular screenings so parents know their children are on track. If there are any issues, our parent educators provide the resources and connections to help address those issues.

We also focus on helping children enter school ready to learn by promoting reading. Our parent educators bring age-appropriate books on their visits and help families build up their own reading libraries. When children enter school ready to learn, live healthy lives and experience happy childhoods, they become grounded in the most essential foundation to help them grow into successful adults with their own set of quality parenting skills to be passed down to the next generation.

Each year, we work with 150-170 families, provide more than 1,600 home visits, perform more than 170 child development screenings and reach an additional 6,000 people through community support activities.

We wish to thank everyone for your support this past year in helping Parent Promise achieve our mission of preventing the neglect and abuse of children through parent education and support.